Wednesday, 20 March 2013


We went to the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe after having a wonderful dinner at the Standard Restaurant just down the street, in Little Italy on College street.  

This cafe serves great Sicilian cannoli that are filled only when ordered (so that they don't sit in the display case). They are large and mouthwatering.

Their capuccinos are also on the large side and very creamy.
What a treat!

During the summer they have a wonderful large patio and serve a wide selection of gelato.  They also serve a variety of other mouthwatering deserts and cakes.   Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe on Urbanspoon

Sunday, 17 March 2013


441 Queen Street West, Toronto, (416) 581-1149, Open 24 hours

We felt like having burgers after visiting the Jason George pub so we walked over to the Spadina and Queen location.  We were hungry so we ordered three 6 ounce burgers with various toppings.  

One of us had the sweet potato fries and two of us had the regular fries.

the regular fries on the left and the sweet potato fries on the right
The burgers were messy and overpriced, while the fries were bland and boring.  Interesting pop machines.  Open 24 hours. You can have a much better full meal for a couple of dollars more in many pubs and restaurants.  Three burgers and fries with small soft drinks amounted to nearly $40.  Not  worth it!!

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100 Front Street, East , Toronto (416) 363-7100 Open 11 am to 2 am daily
Went to the Jason George Saturday for some nachos and beer after a brisk walk along Front Street on a cold March day in Toronto.  It is located across from the St. Lawrence Market.  We have been here a number of times to have pints of Guiness or Kilkenny.  It has a comfortable feel and the prices are quite reasonable.  

The next time we come here we will try one of their specials that are written on the chalkboard.  Their specials all look very good and are reasonably priced - most in the 12 to 14 dollar range.  The last time we came here we saw a couple enjoying a bowl of the onion soup ($6). 

This time we decided to try their nachos.  They came on a large plate and although lacking in cheese, they were quite tasty (with some sliced hot peppers added). 

Of course nachos go so well with beer, so the three of us had a couple of pints of Guiness and Kilkenny

We will certainly come back again to try some of their specials soon!!
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