Sunday, 26 May 2013


1200 Brant Street, Burlington On., L7P 1X8, (905) 332-6057, 

Went to Milestones on a Saturday after returning from a long walk in Toronto.  I was famished and my son and I went here for dinner.  We have been to a number of Milestones in Toronto and Ottawa, so we thought we would try this one after finding many other restaurants in downtown Burlington totally full. Even Milestones was very busy, but we got a table.  

We began by ordering drinks.  I had a large glass (later to be followed by a small glass) of California Merlot and my son had a beer.

We began our dinner with an app each.  I had the phylo shrimp (which are always delicious in Milestones) and my son had the hot spinach and artichoke dip.

My son Mark ( had the Kobe style classic meatloaf, with garlic mashed potatoes, lightly fried onion strings, Shitake mushroom au jus and seasonal vegetables.   It was rather large and he had to take the rest home.  The vegetables were boring and rather bland. 

I had the portobello mushroom chicken which included a double breast of chicken, sliced portobello mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with basil, garlic and reduced Reggiano cream over capellini.
I also found the vegetables rather boring, however the amount food was substantial.  The service was good and the food was typical of most Milestones although we found it a little bland here.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013


392 Queen Street West (near Spadina) , M5V2A9, (416) 363-0588, Lunch and Dinner.

Went to Banh Mi Boys on an early Saturday evening in May.  Queen Street was bustling, as was Banh Mi Boys.  It was packed and a constant flow of people came in and out.  There is very little seating and consequently we had to stand while eating.  The atmosphere was uncomfortably busy!

I had the Banh Mi pulled pork sandwich and regular fries.  The pulled pork was fine but the pickled vegetables were overwhelming and an actual let down to what could have been a great sandwich, but then banh mi means pickled and I should have expected that.
The fries were were good but rather ordinary.  My son Thomas had the same sandwich (pulled pork) and he too was not a fan of the pickled vegetables.  My son Mark who suggested this restaurant really likes it and enjoys the uniqueness of the pickled vegetables.  He had the five spiced pork belly sandwich which he has had before and really enjoyed it.
All in all my son Thomas and myself did not like the experience here.  However my son Mark ( loves the food here. It seems it is a matter of taste and based on reviews I have read, most seem to enjoy Banh Mi Boys.

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BQM Ossington 

210 Ossington  Avenue, Toronto, On., M6J 2Z9, (416) 850-1919, open for lunch and dinner 

Went to BQM on Ossington Avenue in Toronto.  It was a warm Saturday after wandering the Portuguese area of Dundas Street and checking out a bookstore.  We got thirsty and decided to have a cold beer and this place seemed the spot.

Although the inside was homey, the patio was calling our names.
We had a nice cold one.

And then decided to share a couple of appetizers. So we selected a couple of bbq wings, a pulled pork slider and a couple of deep fried pickles.  They were scrumptious!!
Others on the patio were having the burgers and they looked very good.  The location is nice, the service was good and the appetizers we had were well done.

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Friday, 17 May 2013

142 Cumberland St. Toronto, On., M5R 1A2, (416) 968-2828 

Went to Hemingways on a Thursday night in May.  Located in Yorkville (where there is a car show everyday) it has a couple of different patios that are heated and always hopping.  
We arrived at around 6 pm and were seated inside, since it was rather cool and windy on the patios.  We waited for my son Mark who was going to join us.  While we waited my wife and I were imbibing in a nice California Cabernet.

The inside can be quite dreary compared to the outside, but as time went on it got extremely busy with large groups of people.  We began with appetizers including; calamari and escargot.  When Mark arrived he added an order of sweet potato fries to the mix.

The calamari were quite good, but the accompanying sauce was overdone with garlic.  The escargot arrived rather cool and the bread was stale.  The sweet potato fries were very good.
For mains my wife ordered the salmon, but it was tough, overcooked and too salty (worst salmon dish she has had in a restaurant).  

My son ordered the butter chicken and rather liked it.
I had the veal parmigiana special with spaghetti.  This dish was very ordinary - but was only $12.99, which should have tipped me off.

We have been here before a number of times, but never for dinner.  We won't be back for dinner again.  Maybe for appetizers.  The food was very bland and unimaginative. The service was average. The appetizers are the only items worth eating here, and even they are hit and miss.  Good place to hang out sometimes but skip the food.  There are better places not far away where you can get much more value for the money.

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Sunday, 12 May 2013


440 Bloor Street West, The Annex, Toronto On., M5S2N5 (416) 967-9670 

Went to Hey Lucy after wandering through the annex on a late Saturday afternoon in May.  It is located on Bloor Street just west of Spadina.  
It has a large patio on the side and the clientele is quite mixed.  It has a variety of seating including booths, a long bar with funky bar stools and high tables.

The menu is quite simple and consists of typical apps, sharing plates, pastas, sandwiches and wood oven pizza. 
We started with calamari fritti.  They were nicely cooked and spiced and were delicious.  
We shared a nice bottle of Valpolicella Classico.
For his main my son Thomas selected a panini which consisted of turkey, ham and bacon on a crisp fresh bread.  It was accompanied by very tasty sweet potato fries and a spicy mayo.  It was a satisfying combination.

I selected a penne with large shrimp in a rose cream sauce.  The shrimp were large and very good, the sauce was smooth and the penne were rather ordinary.  It was accompanied by a garlic crustini and a copious addition of ground mozzarella.
I spoke briefly to the chef who explained the complexity of the wood oven which was the centre of the open kitchen.  He said it could cook pretty well anything very efficiently and quickly.  You could feel the heat of it several feet away from the kitchen.  Next time I will make a point of trying one of their wood oven pizzas.

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Friday, 10 May 2013


5438 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls, On., (905) 354-3354, Open for Lunch, Dinner and Late

Went to Bravo on a beautiful Thursday in May for an early dinner before going to donate some money to Fallsview Casino.  It is actually a short walk from the casino to Bravo.  It has a large and inviting patio and a large parking area.

The inside is clean and upscale.

We decided to start with a nice Venetian Passimento wine and bread.
Although the bread was stale, the olive oil with Italian herbs saved it.  
We ordered calamari fritti and they were very tasty.
We both decided to try the pan fried grouper with papaya chutney, balsamic reduction, root vegetables, asparagus and fingerling potatoes.
The grouper was perfectly cooked with a tasty spicy chutney that added to the flavour of the grouper.  The main was light, clean and very satisfying.  We decided to try their deserts.  My wife had the cannoli (we had no idea that it included two of them) and they were delicious.  I had the tiramisu and it was gigantic but very light.  They were both delicious and we would recommend either.
two large and delicious cannoli
a giant but light tiramisu
I completed the meal with a choice from their cocktail menu, it was called the Little Italy.  They also have a very large beer selection by the way.

The Little Italy
It included averna and angustura bitters which help digestion and was a great ending to a nice filling meal.  We will definitely return to Bravo in the future!
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